MSU Wonderlust is a member-run organization offering lifelong learning opportunities for inquiring adults. There are no “requirements”. No grades. No papers. Wonderlust is simply learning for the sake of learning.

Benefits of Membership
Membership is $35 per person annually and includes:

• reduced tuition for courses

• free member-only Side Trips: lectures and field trips

• one pass each semester to bring a guest to a Side Trip event

• invitations to Special Events

• Friday Forum notifications

Wonderlust Offerings
Wonderlust offers two types of learning adventures. Full-length courses that meet for two hours every week for typically 4-6 weeks. And, "Side Trips" what meet only once and may be anything from a lecture to an all-day field trip. During each semester, we also offer a variety of other learning opportunities such as writing workshops and book discussion groups.

Our courses are usually lecture format but with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Book groups and writing workshops have a leader but are primarily member interactive discussions.

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FALL OFFERINGS FOR EVERY TASTE will be online in late August

MSU's Wonderlust’s program of offerings for Fall 2018 is aimed at your interests; whether they are in science, the humanities or how things are made in the Gallatin Valley, MSU Wonderlust offers informative and fun interaction in a variety of formats: One-time lectures (Side Trips), Courses (which meet 2 hrs/ week for 4-6 weeks for more in-depth exploration), and Special Events including field trips and Preludes & Performances.

MSU Wonderlust offerings are a bargain! A $35 membership pays for 16 Side Trip lectures a  year, including eight remaining for this season. Course fees amount to about $6.25 an hour, and Special Events are priced according to cost – sometimes zero! Speaking of “costs,” MSU Wonderlust offerings do not require homework, tests or other commitments. If you wish to keep your mind active, meet interesting people, and learn from some of the best and brightest in the Gallatin Valley, consider these offerings.


Roger Breeding

Kerry Hanson

Sally Maison

Cody Stone

Linda Clark

Bob Hawks

Kim Obbink

Doug Young

Kathryn Earley

Bob Hietala

Chris O’Connor

Richard Young

Gena Funk

Marilyn Jarvis


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