The Role of Dance in Western Culture
• Instructor: Amy stoddart
• Dates: Wednesdays; sept. 17 to oct. 15
• time: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
• location: hope lutheran Church
This class offers an introduction to dance as an art form, including the study of the historical, cultural, social and performative contexts of diverse dance forms. students will develop an appreciation of dance as a form of communication and personal expression and understand how dance reflects and comments upon contem- porary society. 

Class Format: lecture, discussion and film reviewing
Readings: If interested: No Fixed Points by nancy reynolds, What is Dance? Readings in Theory and Criticism by roger Copeland.

Amy Stoddart is the Co-Artistic Director
of Montana Ballet Co. and owner of Bridger
Pilates. Ms. Stoddart has danced professionally
and holds a B.A. from Mercyhurst College and
an M.F.A from the University of Colorado. Ms.
Stoddart serves as a professor of dance as the
University of Oregon from 1998-2008 and has
presented and published her scholarly research.


Kathryn Earley 2When my husband and I were looking for our place to retire, one of the places we visited was Bozeman.  While we were here we went to the library, where I happened to pick up a Wonderlust brochure.  Here was university-quality instruction by experts in a huge number of subjects.  No homework, no exams, no papers, just a chance to learn new things or review things we’d already studied.  It was also an opportunity to meet people with a wide variety of interests.  I was hooked! Over the past several years, I’ve come to feel strongly about supporting this valuable community resource for lifelong learning, and fortunately there’s a community of dedicated volunteers who feel the same way.

This past year was our first as Friends of MSU Wonderlust, whose mission is to support and promote MSU Wonderlust.  We’ve contributed funds to getting a new projector at Hope Lutheran Church, where many of our classes are held, and to Gallatin Community Radio, which broadcasts many of our Friday Forums.  We’re also sponsors of and taking part in Active Aging Week and the Prime Age 50+ Expo.

In September Friends will sponsor the MSU Wonderlust reception.  Join us at the Country Bookshelf on September 9, 5 pm – 7 pm, where you can meet instructors and other people interested in learning.  Also in September we’ll be a sponsor of the Bozeman Public Library’s celebration of Yellowstone National Park, Our Yellowstone.  

On October 3rdand 4thMSU Wonderlust is hosting an interactive symposium for practitioners and lifelong learners, Lifelong Learning: New Opportunities for Aging Communities.  This symposium, sponsored by Friends of MSU Wonderlust and MSU’s Office of Research and Development, will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, innovations, and strategies.

Save the dates: Wednesday, October 3, 5 pm – 7 pm, for the opening reception and presentation featuring Dr. Renee Reijo Pero of MSU and Dr. Rick Knopf of Arizona State, and Thursday, October 4, 9 am – 4 pm,for in-depth sessions on various topics, featuring speakers from across Montana and the U.S.  For details on the symposium and on all MSU Wonderlust program offerings, see   

Kathryn Earley, President of Friends of Wonderlust