Dates: Tuesdays; April 3–May 1

Time: 10:00 a.m. to Noon

Location: Hope Lutheran Church

Each week we will examine a different “big idea”. We will take up: You are more than your brain—the roles of emotions and your body in “thinking”. How peers and neighborhood influence children’s outcomes; and are they more important than personality traits or birth order? Making decisions and judgments using mental short cuts—do they make us dumb or smart? Evolutionary psychology’s attempt to explain everything. Applying psychology—the power of placebos, evidence based practice, the replication crisis. At our first meeting class members will have an opportunity to weigh in about a topic they would like to hear about and so possibly influence my list.

Class Format: Lecture and discussion

Readings: Material will be available by email or through the course folder in the Wonderlust Dropbox account, link to be provided.

Instructor: Chris O’ConnorChris OConnor

Chris O’Connor is a Professor Emerita of Grand Valley State University where she taught Social Psychology, the Psychology Senior Seminar, Psychology of Gender, and Introduction to Psychology. She has a PhD in Social Psychology from Michigan State University.