Date: Monday, Nov. 20

Time: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: Holiday Inn, Bozeman

Climate change is expected to significantly affect landscapes and livelihoods around the globe, posing new practical and philosophical dilemmas. Society will be faced, for example, with difficult decisions about how much to resist these changes, versus play a role in shaping them. Molly Cross will share her experiences working with land managers and organizations to incorporate the science and politics of climate change into their decisions and actions. Program participants will together consider the myriad ways that climate change – and the debates about climate change – affect the well being of human and natural communities, now and in the future.

Cross MollyInstructor: Molly Cross works in the field of adaptations to climate change for the North America Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society. She been conducting research to understand and plan for the effects of climate change on wildlife and ecosystems for 20 years. Molly’s quest is to enable conservation professionals and ordinary citizens to move away from feeling depressed and helpless about climate change, and towards a pro-active, solution- seeking mentality.