Date: Monday, Oct. 30

Time: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: Holiday  Inn, Bozeman

In the 80 years since Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific on one of the final legs of an attempted round- the-world flight, her unknown fate has fascinated generations. Competing theories and their impassioned advocates abound. Marjorie Smith has followed the debate for 50 years and published a novel connected to Earhart’s mysterious disappearance. In June 2017, for a second time, she joined a motley crew of scientists, hobbyists and tourists on a voyage to the uninhabited Phoenix Islands in the Central Pacific, hoping to find evidence that settles the debate for once and for all.

Smith MarjorieInstructor: Marjorie Smith was raised in Bozeman, then left at age 20 to spend two decades at various points in the US and abroad, working as a newspaper reporter, TV news personality, PR specialist, and United States diplomat. She returned to Bozeman in 1984 to experience the realities of paid and unpaid employment in what she had belatedly recognized as the last best place. Her novel, Making Up Amelia, came out in 2012, and she is currently at work on Pomp and Happenstance, a humorous memoir about her years in the foreign service.