Columbus, the Sun, and Darkness at Sea
• Presenters: Loren Acton, Steve Hample
• Date: Monday, nov. 10
• time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
• location: Christ the King Lutheran
(A) The late 15th Century was a turbulent time in spain. The Muslims were making a last stand against the Christians, Isabella and ferdinand were determined to marry against the wishes of their parents, and this no-account Columbus kept showing up in court trying to raise funds for a crazy voyage to India by sailing west.
(B) our sun is a remarkably lovely magnetic star surrounded by super-hot gas … a “corona” visible only at times of total solar eclipse. (C) In 2013 intrepid Bozemanites set sail, following a route of Columbus to, hopefully, view a total solar eclipse at sea. Come to this Wonderlust side trip to see how A, B, and C can be woven together into an illustrated tale.

Loren Acton is a native Montanan. He received his B.S. in Engineering Physics from MSU and his Ph.D. in Astro-Geophysics from the University of Colorado. In 1985, he was the payload specialist on the Challenger 8 space shuttle mission called SPACELAB 2. It launched July 29 (after a launch abort at T-3 seconds on July 12) and landed on August 6. This eight-day mission emphasized astronomy but our 13 experiments ranged from life sciences to high energy astrophysics. He is a research specialist at MSU.

Steve Hample, CFP is a financial planner in Bozeman whose hobbies are international travel, owning a small banking corporation and writing a newspaper column.  For his next career, he’d like to be a travel photo journalist.


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Gerry Wheeler, President of Friends of Wonderlust