• Instructor: Stephen Guggenheim and guests.
• The Wonderlust opera Club meets fridays, 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Pilgrim Congregational Church:

–on oct. 17 to discuss the oct. 18 telecast of The Marriage of Figaro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

–on Dec. 12 to discuss the Dec. 13 telecast of The Meistersingers of Nuremburg, richard Wagner

• opera telecasts are at the regal Theater complex, Gallatin Valley Mall (oct. 17 telecast at 11 a.m.; Dec 13 telecast at 10 a.m.)
• Cost: free to members ($25 non-members). telecast admission is additional and paid to the theater.

The Wonderlust opera Club provides an introduction to opera and a forum for discussion of some of the operas which can be seen and heard in the Gallatin Valley, either in live performances of Intermountain opera Bozeman or in hD telecasts live from The Metropolitan opera in new york. Discussions will provide background on selected operas, offer an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and experiences of opera and attempt to explain the great appeal of this implausible art form. topics include history of opera, musical and theatrical styles in opera, characteristics of famous opera singers past and present, and issues of opera production. We anticipate presenting introductory material for people new to opera and the club and enough new material to interest people who have joined us in previous years. registrants will receive e-mail bulletins describing opera opportunities in the Bozeman area.

Stephen Guggenheim is a retired physician and medical educator who started listening to Metropolitan Opera (radio) broadcasts in the 1950s. He was a member of the Bozeman Symphony and the Intermountain Opera Orchestra and he is a member of the Advisory Board of Intermountain Opera Bozeman.


MSU Wonderlust is a high-quality community resource for lifelong learning for the Bozeman area.  Here is university-quality instruction by experts in a huge number of subjects, some multi-week courses, some one-off events.  These offerings come free of homework, exams, or papers: The MSU Wonderlust experience is just a chance to learn new things or review things we’d already studied.  It's also an opportunity to meet people with a wide variety of interests.

The Winter/Spring offerings begin with a reception at the Pilgrim Congregational Church from 4 to 6pm.  It's a chance to meet with the course instructors and side-trip presenters; find out more about their plans.  

Gerry Wheeler, President of Friends of Wonderlust