Instructor: Eric Funk

Dates: Tuesdays; Feb 23rd to April 5th (no class on March 15th)

Time: 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Location: Hope Lutheran Church

Course Info: The PBS television show 11th & Grant with Eric Funk is the premiere outlet for music performance in Montana, seeking out the state’s most acclaimed, accomplished and pioneering talent. The seven-time Emmy Award win ning performance series also devotes significant time to the artists' personal stories, insights into their music and their approach to life, ultimately providing a deeper experience than a seat at a concert. The entire series, 57 one-hour programs, is available on the web. This course will explain how the entire process of creating the series works from selecting the talent, to hiring the crew, who the central team members are who together have made this PBS program a national treasure, and how we film and record both the music and the interviews. We will watch various significant clips of music performances and interviews from some episodes to reveal a deeper understanding of how the show is created.

Class Format: Lecture and discussion

Readings: None.

funkInstructor Bio: Eric Funk is an award winning professor in the School of Music at MSU. He is also a prolific composer of more than 135 works including nine symphonies, 19 concertos, 7 ballets, 5 string quartets, and numerous chamber music pieces. He is also an accomplished jazz pianist who has performed and recorded professionally for 40 years. As host and artistic director” for 11th & Grant with Eric Funk, he brings his knowledge of classical, jazz and commercial music to bear in his task. As one of the adjudicators with NETA (National Educational Television Association) remarked in comments about a 2015 NETA Award for the program, “The host’s presence is felt throughout, though you never see him during the piece. His intro and pedigree are clear, which makes this more than just a music show, but rather a very credible curation of artists. I wanted to watch it again.”

Cost:  $75 - member; $110 - non-member 


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