Presenter: Robin Patten

  • Date: Monday, Jan 23
  • Time: 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • Location: Holiday Inn

In 1937, the internationally known philosopher Arne Naess built a hut in the remote alpine region of Hallingskarvet National Park, Norway. Naess, who died in 2009, pondered, questioned, walked and climbed in this, his “Place,” generating ideas that would be enfolded into his philosophy of Deep Ecology. In the summer of 2016, Robin trekked in the footsteps of Naess, to better understand the landscape that was Naess’ muse and the philosophies that grew out of his deep connection with the natural world.

Through stunning photos and narrative, Robin will share her reflections on the ideas that lie at the heart of Deep Ecology and the Place that inspired them.

PattenRobin Patten is a naturalist and writer working from her home on the edge of Yellowstone Park. She holds a PhD in ecology, with further graduate studies in environmental history and cultural geography. Robin was in Norway in summer 2016, trekking and writing in the vicinity of Arne Naess’ hut in Hallingskarvet National Park.


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