A Special Wonderlust/MSU Parent & Family Association Partnership Event!

Presenter: Dr. Mark Young

Date: Friday, October 21st.

Time:  3–5 p.m.

Location: Hager Auditorium, Museum of the Rockies

600 West Kagy Blvd., Bozeman

Most of us think of viruses as disease-causing agents that are to be feared and fought. While some viruses do cause important human illnesses, many play beneficial roles in widely varying ecosystems. This program examines new discoveries about viruses and the roles they play in systems ranging from the human body to the boiling hot spring environments of Yellowstone National Park.

Dr. Mark Young is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in environmental virology. He and his lab of student researchers focus on the discovery, characterization and utilization of new viruses from extreme environments.

This lecture is free to Wonderlust members and their guests. No registration is necessary.


MSU Wonderlust is a high-qualitycommunity resource for lifelong learning for the Bozeman area.  Here is university-quality instruction by experts in a huge number of subjects, some multi-week courses, some one-off events.  They come free of homework, exams, or papers: The MSU Wonderlust experience is just a chance to learn new things or review things we’d already studied.  It was also an opportunity to meet people with a wide variety of interests.

Last year we transferred to operations to MSU and took on the supportive role as "Friends of..."  This past year was our first as Friends of MSU Wonderlust with the mission to support and promote MSU Wonderlust.  

Gerry Wheeler, President of Friends of Wonderlust